Latest News About School Holidays In Punjab 2024 Extended

The School Education Department in Punjab has announced that the details regarding the 2024 school holidays will be revealed on January 8, 2024. Previously, it was stated that there will be a one-week winter break from January 1, 2024 to January 18, 2024. To stay updated on the latest news about school openings in Pakistan for 2024, visit this page. You can also download the notifications from the Punjab School Education Department on this page. Furthermore, today’s Punjab school news can also be checked on this page. Due to unfavorable weather conditions, the Winter Holidays Extension Notification for Punjab SED was issued and the winter break has been extended until January 14, 2023.

Student Rejoices: The government of Punjab has released a new notification on 8th January, 2024 regarding the Winter Vacation for 2023. This announcement was made during the evening.

Updates on School Holidays in Punjab 2024

The Education Department in Punjab is contemplating extending the winter break by a week due to the harsh weather conditions and the request from parents.

A thick and toxic fog, known as smog, has engulfed the city and is causing illness among the population, particularly the elderly and school-aged children. As a result, the School Education Department is contemplating adding an extra week to the winter break, despite the freezing temperatures and heavy fog in the mornings. The latest news for winter vacation in Punjab 2024 can be found on this page. Due to concerns about the harsh weather conditions that are expected to persist into January, parents are advocating for a one-week extension of the school break. They have observed that some prestigious schools have already granted more than a week off, resuming classes on January 8. As a result, schools have extended their winter vacations until January 14.

Official Announcement: Punjab School Holidays for 2023 Finalized

Latest News About School Holidays In Punjab 2024 Extended


Is there an extension for winter vacations in Punjab?

Great news for students everywhere: the government of Punjab has announced that the winter break will now last until January 14, 2024. Originally scheduled for December 18, 2023, to January 1, 2024, the break has been extended. As a result, schools will resume classes on January 18, 2024.

Extension of Winter Vacation in Punjab Schools Expected

According to the latest update, there will be an extension in winter vacations for all educational institutes, including schools and universities. The recent announcement by the Punjab government stated that the winter break will now start from December 18, 2023, and end on January 1, 2024. As a result, schools in Punjab will remain closed until January 9, 2024.

According to experts, the poor air quality poses a threat to the well-being of the general public. Furthermore, it is particularly problematic for older individuals and school-aged children who are experiencing difficulties with their breathing.

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